Sunday, May 29, 2016

Why I should never be allowed to name software

I have this thing about coming up with funny (at least I think so), quirky, or... colorful names for software projects. I've come to the conclusion that perhaps I should not be allowed to do so. I don't really remember all of the names I've come up with, but here is the list of the ones that I do. Some of these products exist, others exist under other names, others still exist only in my mind... and should perhaps stay that way.

  • Personally, I think Chaos Monkey passed up a perfectly good opportunity to be called ClusterF*%#
  • In a similar vein, the GlusterFS distributed file system really needs a command analogous to the Unix fsck... named, of course, glusterfsck
  • I once wrote an I2C slave interface library for the AVR USI module, called USI2C.  It's pronounced you-see two-see
  • If anybody ever builds a BSD-based smartphone OS, I'd call it BSD Mobile, aka BSDM
  • PwnAFriend. I don't know what it does yet, but it sounds cool.